Govt.Degree College Bassa Gohar

Government Degree College at Bassa (Gohar), Tehsil Chachyot, Distt. Mandi (HP) was established in 1998 by the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh in response to the persistent demand of the people of Nachan and Chachyot assembly segments.College is situated in the midst of serene and natural surroundings, offers a panoramic view of the peaks, forested hillsides, terraced fields and picturesque hamlets.
There ia a Library in the college that offers access to essential and specialized information resources to meet the
growing information needs. Library along with reading room with capacity for sitting 40 students at a time, is housed in the ground floor of Arts Block of the college. There are over 2700 books pertaining to all disciplines taught in the college.  Library subscribes to 4 newspaper, 16 magazines and periodicals and also receives different publications from different organizations and publishers. These are displayed in reading room for easy access by the users.
For the constructive interaction between parents and teachers, an Association has been established named Parent Teacher Association.It has contributed a lot to the development of the College. Its main objectives include revival of the relationship between the parents and teachers,  to create the healthy educational   environment, to arrange discussions with the elder persons of the society from time to time and incorporate their suggestions for the   improvement of the educational standards  to suggest ways so that students’ education is promoted,  to make a collective effort toimprove the conduct of the students and also to restrict the entry of anti-social elements in the campus, to inform the parents/guardians about the   performance of their wards from time to time and to make arrangement for the parents to meet the concerned staff once in a quarter, to arrange teachers etc. when there is shortage of staff in the institution as a temporary measure, and to make the parents aware of various schemes of the Govt. in the area of

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